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EXCLUSIVE=> Democrat Tim Canova on Wasserman Schultz: Corrupt Dems Cling to Office to Avoid Jail



Debbie Wasserman Schultz; Tim Canova

Democratic leaders like Broward County election supervisor Brenda Snipes and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz are “clinging to office” to dodge investigations and stay out of jail, warns Tim Canova, a Nova Southeastern University law professor who is challenging the disgraced former DNC chair for her congressional seat in 2018.

Canova won a significant legal victory Friday when a circuit judge determined Snipes broke federal law by improperly discarding thousands of ballots cast in the 2016 Democratic congressional primary, making an inspection of the results impossible.

In that election, Canova faced off against incumbent Wasserman Schultz, who has been embroiled in controversy after controversy since the 2016 elections.

The judge ruled that Snipes ignored and illegally obstructed Canova’s request to copy and inspect the ballots. In fact, Snipes had signed a Sept. 1, 2017, document to destroy the ballots.

Federal laws stipulate ballots cast in a federal race are not supposed to be destroyed until 22 months after the election.

Corrupt politicians like Snipes and Wasserman Schultz don’t care at all about the American taxpayer and only want to stay in office to evade justice, Canova told The Gateway Pundit Wednesday.

“Wasserman Schultz, Snipes and other agent Democrats, maybe even some Republicans, cling to office because there is so much corruption in their background that they’re afraid that should they leave office it will be uncovered,” he said. “As long as they remain in office, they might be in a position to control, manipulate or prevent any investigations.”

Wasserman Schultz resigned as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee following revelations that she and other Democratic party officials conspired to sabotage the campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

The former DNC chair is also the most forceful advocate and longtime employer of disgraced House information technology aide Imran Awan. She continued to employ and compensate Awan with taxpayer funds for several months after he was barred from the House computer system and under criminal investigation. In fact, Wasserman Schultz only fired Awan after he was arrested on bank fraud charges attempting to flee the country the morning of July 25, 2017.

Awan is currently on trial before a federal jury for conspiracy to commit bank fraud, false statements on a loan or credit application, unlawful monetary transactions,  engaging in unlawful monetary transactions and  allegedly stole data from an untold Democratic House members who hired him.

Wasserman Schultz doesn’t care at all about the American people, she only wants to stay in office because she’s a crook, Canova argued

“I have hopes that Debbie Wasserman Schultz will be removed from office this year when we defeat her in November, and that even before that happens, some of the investigations will start catching up with her – this is the reason she’s clinging for office so strongly, this is why she’s trying to hold on to this office.”

The Justice Department is remarkably apathetic to Democratic corruption, Canova lamented.

“I don’t know to what degree the FBI or Department of Justice have both been corrupted. I’ve called the FBI twice myself personally earlier this year to report this crime — destroying the ballots. I have yet to get any kind of response from them,” he said. “What the supervisor did wasn’t just to break state and federal law by destroying the ballots three months early, but she also destroyed evidence in an ongoing litigation. There are all forms of law that were broken by her.”

The federal statue has criminal sanctions – up to a year in prison. I think the state law punishes this crime with even more than a year in prison. We haven’t been able to get any kind of investigation from the Department of Justice yet – the FBI – nobody,” he continued. “We knew that the supervisor of elections destroyed the ballots in violation of federal law all the way back in early November of 2017. We are trying to hold the officials accountable who are responsible for this. We’d like to see an investigation, including criminal investigation. A criminal investigation, perhaps, could uncover others involved.”

Florida’s Secretary of State plans to send an elections expert to Broward, the state’s second-largest county, during the upcoming elections to monitor the administration of upcoming elections in the county and “ensure that all laws are followed.”

Canova is urging Florida governor Rick Scott to move to immediately suspend Snipes and is calling for a federal, criminal investigation.

“We are not easing up on this. We are organizing petitions, a protest and we are not going to let up at all,” he said. “I’m a candidate again, this time as an independent, I’ll be on the ballot in November, and the idea, the thought that Brenda Snipes, this supervisor of elections, could still be supervising my upcoming election with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is completely intolerable.”

Canova compared Snipes’ ability to destroy ballots without legal repercussions to the DNC destroying its server, ignoring multiple requests by the FBI to surrender the server for forensic examination.

“The FBI asked for those servers three times, and three times the DNC declined to cooperate. The FBI should have followed up by just seizing the servers – they have that authority in a criminal investigation. The idea that they would just rely upon CrowdStrike, a private internet security firm hired by Wasserman Schultz through the DNC, is ridiculous,” he said. “There has been absolutely no response from the criminal justice system to this violation of federal law.

“This whole episode with the ballots has shown the kind of corruption that exists in our election system. It’s also revealed a certain type of corruption in our criminal justice system. And the supervisor’s office continued to litigate for eight months, even after destroying the ballots.”

Canova announced in April his decision to leave the Democratic Party and hopes to appear on the November ballot as a no party affiliation candidate against Wasserman Schultz.


Most Democrats are also fed up with corruption on the Democratic side, Canvoa argued.

“I have a lot of friends who remain loyal Democrats – their loyalty is tested very often. There are an awful lot of people who remain Democrat, who are disgusted by the Democratic establishment. They just don’t think that there is any other alternative and they are very frightened by the policy agenda of the Republicans and the Trump administration,” he said. “The party leadership in Broward county, and really all over the country, is very corrupted. They are corporate-funded and they’ve allowed themselves to be corrupted.”





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Previously Deported Illegal Alien Charged with Brutal Murder of Shakopee, MN Woman




Minnesota officials charged Fraider Diaz-Carbajal from Mexico with the brutal murder of his former girlfriend in Shakopee, Minnesota earlier this month.

Fraider Diaz-Carbajal had been previously deported but told the court he has lived in the are for 18 years.
Fraider does not speak English and needed a translator.

He stabbed his former girlfriend several times before cutting his own neck.

SW News Media reported:

A 27-year-old woman who was killed in Shakopee on Aug. 12 has been identified as Enedelia Perez Garcia, 27, and today prosecutors charged Fraider Diaz-Carbajal, 35, 1279 Taylor St. Unit 6, with second-degree murder (not premeditated) in her death. Police say he was in the country illegally after being deported in 2014.

At about 4:02 p.m. on Aug. 12, Shakopee police were dispatched to a fight call involving a knife at 1279 Taylor St., No. 6., and while on the way to the Taylor Ridge Towhomes, they were told a male had a knife and a female was possibly dead.

According to the charging documents, officers found a bloody scene in the upstairs bedroom: Diaz-Carbajal was lying with his head resting on the stomach and chest of a woman who was sitting on the floor with her back against the wall and did not appear to be breathing. Diaz-Carbajal’s throat was cut with a 6 to 8-inch-long laceration and there were several stab wounds in his abdomen. He was “taking occasional breaths and moving” and a large, bloody knife was at his left side.

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Can AI produce fine art?




We don’t normally cover the fine art beat here for obvious reasons, but there was a sale of a painting to a French collector in February which drew some attention. Another work by the same artist is going on sale at Christie’s presently. They works are going for some impressive amounts of money, but that’s not what makes the story interesting. The artist is an Artificial Intelligence program from a company named Obvious. (Time)

Hanging inside a gold frame on a pristine white wall in Christie’s Central London Gallery is a dark, moody portrait of a man in Puritan-style black clothes—the work, it seems, of some Old Master. But scrawled in the bottom right corner, there’s an unexpected signature: a mathematical equation.

This is Edmond de Belamy by French art collective Obvious—or, more accurately, by an algorithm designed by Obvious.

“The whole process is about humans having as little input as possible in the finished piece,” says Gauthier Vernier, one of three 25 year-old French men who started Obvious in April 2017 out of their apartment in Paris. Since then, by teaching a computer about art history and showing it how to make its own work, Obvious have produced 11 artworks with the help of artificial intelligence.

I’m not going to go into great detail about the technical particulars behind this since you can read them all at the article and at the Obvious Art website if you wish. The short version is that they developed an algorithm that scanned a vast number of paintings taken from classical art. It uses something called Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) which randomly generate images meeting certain criteria (a face has two eyes, one nose, one mouth, etc.) and the program “tests” each image itself to see if it can tell whether it’s original art or a computer generation. The results do indeed resemble portraits.

Here’s the real question: Is this art? Allow me to offer the definitive answers (plural) because it works both ways.

First… Yes. This is art.

But that answer comes with a caveat. Anything can be art because art is in the eye of the beholder. You can walk down the beach, find a particularly interesting looking piece of driftwood, take it home, clean it up and mount it on a wooden base. If you find it attractive, if it brings you pleasure, if your friends come over and compliment you on it… it’s art. And that’s only good art I’m talking about. Some of the crap put out by human beings as “modern art” is total garbage. If a crucifix in a jar of urine or three basketballs shoved into a broken fish tank (I actually saw that one in a gallery in New York City some years ago) qualify as art, then anything this robot spits out can certainly bear the name.

Second… No. This is definitely not art.

What they are presenting is a painting. But it didn’t come from an original thought or moment of inspiration in a mind, human or otherwise. They fed a bunch of examples into a program and had it randomly place zeros and ones corresponding to random colors until it generated something which matched certain test criteria that the programmers defined as being “art.” There was no feeling, no intent nor even any knowledge in the “mind” of the program of what it was doing. It was solving a math problem by randomly guessing combinations until it arrived at some solutions which met those design criteria.

It also wasn’t “painted” in any way that requires effort, training or involves risk of messing up a brush stroke. I had to search for a while to find out how the actual, physical paintings are created, but the AI only generates an image file. It’s then fed into a fancy laserjet printer which is set up to print on canvas instead of paper. Then a human being took it out and mounted it in a frame. An artist could never reproduce one of their painting precisely by hand. There would always be at least minute differences. Obvious could crank out the same portrait a thousand times and they would all be the same.

This isn’t even artificial intelligence as near as I can see. And it’s certainly not fine art. You could switch out the canvas for paper and it would be making interesting posters. If some rich collector wants to go to Christie’s and lay out tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for one of these creations, that’s up to them. But save up your money, because Obvious can produce thousands more for you in no time at all.

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President Trump Responds to Manafort Conviction “Nothing to do With Russian Collusion” (VIDEO)





President Trump responded Tuesday afternoon after a jury found his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort guilty on 8 felony counts.

The President spoke to the press shortly after he landed in Charleston, West Virginia as he headed to his rally.

“It doesn’t involve me but I still feel really sad…you know it’s a very sad thing that happened. This has nothing to do with Russian collusion. This started as Russian collusion…this has absolutely nothing to do…this is a witch hunt and it’s a disgrace,” Trump said.

President Trump also said that he feels very bad for Paul Manafort. “He worked for Bob Dole, he worked for Ronald Reagan…” Trump continued.

The President didn’t answer any questions about his former lawyer Michael Cohen who just pleaded guilty to 8 counts; his plea deal includes 3-5 years jail time.


After four days of deliberations, the jury reached a verdict on 8 counts and could not make a decision on 10 counts in the tax evasion and bank fraud case against Paul Manafort.

Judge Ellis declared a mistrial on 10 counts. The jury found Manafort guilty on 8 counts.

Both Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort were hunted down by Mueller and his thugs because of their association with Donald Trump.

We currently have a two-tiered justice system because AG Sessions is AWOL.

One set of laws for Trump and his supporters and another set of laws for Democrats and Clinton-Deep State cronies.

H/T: Zero Hedge

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